ISSUE #11 Featuring the 2015 Christmas Gift Guide 

ISSUE #11 Featuring the 2015 Christmas Gift Guide 

Leashes For River SUP - SUP Safety

Should you wear a leash on the river?  What kind of leash do you need for river SUP?  These questions and more answer

Frozen Fun Watersports in the Snow with Marine Products

When you have the best gear from Marine Products fun is sure to be had no matter the weather!

5 Boards 1 Day - Austin Keen & ToeKnee Media

Go ahead and sit back because these next 5 minutes is going to be every board you would hope to ride in a year, ridden by Austin in a SINGLE DAY!

Tropical Wave Shred 2016 - Event Recap

When you think of New Hampshire, surfing isn't the first thing that comes to mind in the granite state. 

Surfing Lake Superior with Alex Gray and Alex Brost

Recently, a low-pressure storm system passed over the Midwest, which sent snow, wind, and waves across Lake Superior. Check out this great video of Alex Brost, Alex Gray, and other surfers

Raleigh Hager Bringing The Style - Wakesurfing

“It's all about style!” - and that phrase is heard all over and in more than a few languages.  You can be good, and you can be equal to others that are good...but style

How To Kickflip on a Flowrider

Looking to step up your game on the Flowrider?  Check out this step by step guide

Winter Paddleboarding in Norway

From lakes to rivers to Norway and an epic SUP adventure thanks to Fanatic International 

BMX Wakesurfing the Surf Bike!

The boys down-under turning it up a notch with BMX wakesurfing behind the Tigé Boats

Centurion Boats 2016 Ri 237 - Epic Summer Time on Lake Powell

Can't get much more EPIC than the Centurion Ri 237 on Lake Powell, with a House Boat, Blob, 

BOTE HD All-Around Fishing and Expedition Stand-up Paddle Board

It's all about the lifestyle ... And the HD embodies it.  The board that redefined what a SUP could be.  The HD is a hybrid

Hunter Sims Pro Model Wakesurfer - O'Brien Censor

Hunter Sims stormed onto the wakesurfing scene in 2014 and went Pro in 2015. Hunter made his mark with the

Wakesurfing in 4K Video | 2016 Centurion Ri237 "Summer Girl"

What do you get when you bring the Centurion Boats team of top women water sports athletes and the stunning new Centurion Boats 2016 Ri237 together

Boosted Boards! Unicorn rescues Bear! - Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Boards crew hooked up with viral video extraordinaire DevinSuperTramp to bring one of the most creative and fun electric board

Snowy December River Surfing in Missoula, MT - Stongwater Mtn Surf

The Strongwater Mtn Surf Co crew scoring winter waves in Missoula, MT and featured on CNN Future of Adventure

Cinco de Mayo Pro – May 5-8, 2016

It has long been a Texas tradition to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with BBQ’s, backyard games and Margaritas, and this year’s Pro-Am being held in Corpus Christi, TX will hold true to that

48 States in 100 Days:  Geoffrey Braught Embarks on the Ultimate Summer Road Trip

One week from today, Geoffrey Braught will be Stand-Up Paddleboarding the continental United States -- Exactly 48 states in only 100 days.One week from today, Geoffrey Braught will be Stand-Up Paddleboarding the continental United States -- Exactly 48 states in only 100 days.

Frenchman and New Zealander Capture Elite Victories in 2016 Carolina Cup

Wrightsville Beach, NC, USA - Annabel Anderson of New Zealand captured her fourth consecutive victory

 Surfer Wins a Pulitzer

Surfing is only a full time occupation for professional athletes that dedicate every day of their entire lives to bettering their craft.

2016 Supreme Wakesurf Championship - Recap

2016 marks the fourth year of the Supreme Wake Surf Championship and kicks off the World Series of Wake Surfing tour in the US.

Spring Cleaning:  Keep America's Waters Beautiful

Spring is upon us and it is time to get outdoor and enjoy your local waterways and wildlife.  Time to pick up trash and Keep America's Waterways Beautiful so we can enjoy them the rest of the summer and for years to come.

Centurion Re-Imagine The Ride Demo Tour Stops

Centurion dealers across North America are making water sports enthusiasts re-think their towboat choices with the Centurion Re-imagine the Ride Demo Tour.

Super Surf'R by Wake WorX - Receives Patent - Press Release

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (April 12, 2016) Wake WorX founders Scott and MaryKate Wood have just been awarded US Patent #9,315,235 for their “Wake Adjustment System for Boats” called the Super Surf’R Tab System.

2016 Supreme Wake Surfing Championship Presented by Skylon

The 2016 Supreme Wake Surfing Championship presented by Skylon is preparing to hit Lake Weir in Central Florida

Front Range River Surfing in Colorado

It has been a dream of mine to get a surf specific wave on the Front Range in Colorado.

2016 Rider Profile - Zach Smith - Wakesurfing

This 21 year old out of North Carolina has a bright future ahead of him.  Zach Smith has a been wakesurfing since

The Shaka- History of the Hawaiian "Hang Loose"

A brief history of "Shaka" from Hawaii to mainstream American culture and a hang loose way of life.

How to Get Ripped like Josh Smart:  3 Important Training Tips for Next Level Athletes

How to get ripped on and off the paddleboard with Josh Smart

Top Wakesurf Schools in the USA

We have compiled the top wakesurf schools in the nation for you to plan your next trip to progress your skills!  Here they are

Michigan Surf Culture Exposed - 7 Coldwater Surfing Essentials

Listen to the old kook ripping on his duct tapped board and don’t ever pretend that you hold the magic 8 ball because Michigan weather is crazier than your ex holding

Top 10 Reasons to Practice SUP Yoga by Ask Tim & Vie

You have seen the pictures on Instagram. You have read the posts on Facebook. You have even stopped and looked at the glossy magazine pages. SUP Yoga..

Wakesurfing Training Tips with Stacia Bank

Stacia Bank talks off season training tips for wakesurfing with a focus on balance and power

World Series of Wake Surfing Schedule - 2016

The CWSA and Fineline Industries are proud to announce the 2016 World Series of Wake Surfing.

Wetsuits vs. Drysuits?

Wetsuits vs. drysuits- They both keep you warm, but how are they different and when should you wear a wetsuit versus a drysuit, plus a look into the future of paddle suits via SUPSkins and wetsuit tips by Todd Johnson.

Winter Surfing in Massachusetts?!

Winter surfing in Massachusetts with Jeramie Vaine and Johnnie O.