"UNIVERSAL" a Noah Flegel Video

When it comes to water sports.. Noah Flegel dominates. Check out this video of him throwing down on a wide array of boards and killing it to say the least!

River Surfing is Exploding in Boise, Idaho

River surfing is exploding in Boise, Idaho after the completion of the Boise River Park 3 years ago.

2015 Centurion Enzo FS33

The all new Enzo FS33, one of the most advanced wake boats ever built with the highest level of efficiency in ballast, fuel, engine size and a focus on performance.  

Dominic Lagace - Varial Flip - MyWake Video of the Year?

Dominic Lagace killing it in his Tige MyWake edit for video of the year landing the first ever varial flip on a wake surf board! Here is a little about what Doum had to say

Tahoe SUP - EXPLORE Project: Hood River, OR (Short Film)

Hood River ventures to the iconic outdoorsy town on the Oregon banks of the Columbia River Gorge. A haven for windsurfing and kiteboarding, the region has quickly become a SUP destination with perfect downwind conditions

Jeff Page is Inland Surfer

As we approach this year's World Wake Surfing Championships, we remember how it started years back and pioneers like Jeff Page who helped pave its foundation. 

Namaste SUP Challenge Winners

The Namaste SUP Challenge is a 30-day instability challenge where contestants can practice and post their yoga moves and a new move every day.

Get Fit With Fitness Onboard®

Fitness Onboard®, an innovative stand up paddleboard (SUP) company who got their start in 2010 on Pensacola Beach, Florida announces their additional September dates for the Fitness Onboard® Certification©. 

Tige Boats Generates Remote Control Surf Waves With The New Surf X System

For nearly 25 years, Tige Boats has introduced a number of industry firsts, each one integrated into the product line to make your time on the water the best time.

2014 Big Boat Invitational - Presented by Mendonesia Surf

The feeling of literally getting barreled behind a boat . . . priceless, and after nearly a decade of big boat surfing there had never been a more cleaner wake than this years.

5 Ways To Have More Fun & Get More Done at Surf Expo with Zane Schwenk

Zane Schwenk is a legend in the water sports industry and a 20 year veteran of Surf Expo.