Click to enter the contest for your chance to go to El Salvador!

Click to enter the contest for your chance to go to El Salvador!

Foilboard Wake Surfing?  Will this be part of your quiver?

The board of the future?  Will Hydrofoils be a new addition to your surf quiver?  Check out this awesome video shot by the Lost Boys

Behind The Scenes - Cover Shot Issue #12 with Eric Silverman & Sean Silveira

World Champion Flowboarders Eric Silverman and Sean Silveira put on a show for us as Eric back flips over Sean giving him a high five! 

Texas Surfing:  From Austin to the Gulf

Surfing in Texas, a short film called "Texas Waters" about the journey of a surfer from Cali, from inland wakesurfing in Austin to the Texas Gulf Coast

Austin Keen Surfs with Horses?

Austin Keen, horses, Devin Supertramp and Centurion boats collab to feature a new video called "Surfing with Horses"

How To Do an Air - Wakesurfing - Boarders Pro Tip

Want to learn how to get more air on your skim style wakesurf board?  Pro wake surfer Hunter Sims walks you

Dashama Releases SUP Yoga Training Videos

Dashama releases new beginner, intermediate and advanced sup yoga training videos with Starboard SUP

SUP Stonycreek River Conservation with Ian Smith

Stonycreek River conservation and stewardship program with Ian Smith of First Waves.

Yolo Board's Big River Regional SUP Race

Yolo Board's annual Big River Regional SUP and kayak race on the mighty Mississippi river.

Let There Be Light!

When dreamers come together, and set out with a plan... they make amazing

I Guess I'm Not Kelly Slater Pt. 2 - Keenan Flegel

These images almost make you ask the question, "Who's Kelly Slater?" Check out Keenan, stomping line after line of tricks in this edition of "I Guess I'm Not Kelly Slater Pt. 2"

Cam Full - River Surfing Missoula, MT

When it comes to river surfing in Montana there is one crew that automatically comes to mind.. 

Amundson SUP - Taking You to The Clear Blue

Amundson standup paddleboards are making waves, in Hawaii and beyond. Masterminded by shaper John Amundson featuring Rhino Lite

Fiesta SUP with SOL Paddleboards at the GoPro Mountain Games!

The SOL Paddleboard crew had a blast this year at GoPoro Mountain Games 2016 in Vail, Colorado. The SOLfiesta, is their new 6-person stand up party barge,

Acid Drop off Floating Dock Into Wave - Johnny Stieg

Johnny Stieg having a little fun at Lake Nacimiento in Paso Robles California.  Johnny takes it up a notch and

Malibu M235

The revolutionary M235 presented by Malibu Boats, the ultimate in wakesurf and wakeboarding performance and versatility. 

World Wake Surf Championship 2016 Recap Video & Photo Gallery

2016 World Wake Surf Championship (WWSC); another great event brought to you by GM Marine and Centurion Boats.

World Wake Surf Championship - Day 1 Photo Gallery

The World Wake Surfing Championships (WWSC) started out yesterday with stacked heats in all of the divisions for Day 1.

Inspirational Wake Skating Legend Matt Manzari to Speak at Centurion World Surf Championship

The Centurion Boats World Wake Surfing Championship presented by GM Marine begins Thursday, September 22, 2016..... Centurion is welcoming Matt Manzari to speak at the World Wake Surfing Championship

Surf Expo 2016 Photo Gallery

The end of summer brings one of the biggest shows of the year for the wake, surf, and SUP industry; Surf Expo.

Inland Surfer Acquires Day1 Wake -  Made in the U.S.A.

Inland Surfer Inc. and Day1 Wake LLC announced they have forged an agreement in which Inland Surfer will acquire Day1 Wake.

Chaparral Boats With Surf Gate - Test Ride Review

Chaparral Boats a leader in the I/O market and recently announced they licensed Surf Gate from Malibu Boats. Full review.

The Sixth Annual “Surf&Style” at Munich Airport

Starting September 16th the world’s biggest stationary wave will be back at Munich Airport giving passengers and visitors a chance

Top River Surfing Safety Tips

New river wave parks are popping up all over the world. With a new opportunity to surf inland, comes new surfers. With the sport being

Wakesurfing in Switzerland:  5 Things You Should Know

Wakesurfing in Switzerland:  5 Things you should Know by pro wakesurfer Korina Smyrek

Board Review - Journey Stand Up Paddle Boards with LiftSUP Easy Carry Handle, Blue, 10'6"

Taking out a new board is like taking out a new car.  It is always a treat, and no matter what the outcome - is always a fun time!  The same can be said about the recent trial

2016 Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge - Sixth Annual Recap

At The Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge you find an amazing mix of locals and professional athletes from all around the world there to compete, socialize, and

Connor Baxter's Boards

World Champ SUP Racer, Connor Baxter, talks about the 3 boards that he would always want to have in his quiver

2016 Slingshot Crossbreed Airtech - Review

The 2016 Slingshot Crossbreed Airtech comes in the 10' and 11' options with a blue and green color scheme that will certainly draw the attentionThe 2016 Slingshot Crossbreed Airtech comes in the 10' and 11' options with a blue and green color scheme that will certainly draw the attention

The Rocky Mountain Wakesurf Open - Aug 12th - 14th - Utah


2016 Minnesota Wakesurf Championship - Recap

The third annual Minnesota Wakesurf Championship [MNWSC] was most certainly the biggest of the three years and possibly the most well-attended wakesuring event ever. 

17th Annual Wake The Desert - Endless Wave Tour

Everyone arriving at the park on the water's edge at Nosworthy Lake would agree, it was a hot Texas day! It didn't take long to figure out

Texas SUP Fishing with Hunter Harlow

Texas SUP fishing Hunter Harlow explores the rivers and lakes of Texas on his Bote Board.

Shredding Man Festival - 2016 Wakeshredder Throwdown Recap

Everyone arriving at the Wake Shredder Throwdown in Lathrop California this June could easily feel the energy pumping and building

 All You Need is a Spark - Jared Cutler

In a world rich in retail options, we often find ourselves making our purchasing decisions based on marketing ploys and convenience, and not giving much thought to where