White Salmon Whitewater with Dan Gavere

Whitewater Stand Up Paddling with Dan Gavere and friends on the Middle White Salmon, WA. 4.25 ft Starboard Astro Boards. Advanced SUP Whitewater run in Washington for experienced paddlers only.

Hanohano Huki

The annual Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge is one of the biggest flatwater sup races in the world with nearly 400 paddlers traveling from as far as Michigan to participate.

Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable 11' SUP Board & High Pressure Valve

High Pressure Valve allowing you to pump your inflatable board with an air compressor. 

Iceberg Paddle on Lake Michigan

Winter time paddle boarding on Lake Michigan amongst icebergs?!  Well how else would you get around?  A great short from Seth Haley and some fly by footage with his gopro.

River Surfing in Oregon with Elijah Mack & Kevin Ludwig

"I made this video to celebrate my close friend Kevin Ludwig and the amazing spirit he puts into river surfing. 

Surf Expo 2015:  Best of Boards, Models, Athletes and Accessories

Surf Expo 2015:  Best of boards, models, athletes, gear and accessories.  Check out the full video with key interviews from top brands and up and comers.  

'Can I Surf That' Teaser - Exclusive Interview With Brittany Parker

Great teaser from an epic adventure. We caught up with Brittany Parker from the 'Can I Surf That' movie that will be premiering at PaddleFest in Buena Vista, CO in May 2015.

Noah Flegel- A Weekend on the Lake & in the Dirt

Noah Flegel takes a session on the lake in Florida throwing down on his wakeboard and wake surf board! On the way home

River Life with Boarder Alex Mauer

Alex Mauer is the definition of River-Life.  Constantly paddling, surfing and in search of the next river adventure.

Centurion Boats QuickSurf Pro Innovates World Championship Waves with Convenience and Versatility

Centurion’s QuickSurf Pro moves World Championship waves from side to side with a touch; in a surf boat weighted equally for comfortable level operation.

Fight to Save Our American River (SOAR) - Apalachicola River Expedition

This was the last expedition of 2014 for Gray Outdoors and the Fight to SOAR (Save Our American Rivers) project and would also be the first expedition where I would open it up for other paddlers to join in on the whole trip.

Board of Winter- Top 3 Activities for Boarders in the Off-Season

Board of winter?  Here are the top 3 things to do to stay on board in the off-season

2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed Inflatable | Board Review

When you think of kiteboarding and wakeboarding, Slingshot Sports jumps in your mind as one of the leading manufacturers. Based in Hood River, Oregon a mecca for watersports enthusiast

Off-Season Training with Brody Welte, Leah Seacrest and Roch Frey

Off-season training with PaddleFit, Riding Bumps and Fitness Onboard featuring Brody Welte, Leah Seacrest and Roch Frey.

Surf Expo 2015:  Best of

Surf Expo 2015 and the best-of pictures and moments, from athletes to boards, gear and new companies on board with Boarders Mag.

Artic Freeze Warning.. Or Surf's Up Warning? First Swell of 2015 on Lake Superior | Captured By: Christian Dalbec

Weather forecasters in Minnesota were warning of an “Arctic front” arriving on January 2, 2015.   For most people in the state, this meant getting all out-door chores done before 

Pavati 2015 Wake Boats

Pavati 2015 Wake Boats, the first 100% aluminum wake surf boat featuring Rip Tide Surf System, Wetsounds Speakers, Fresh Air Exhaust, Indmar and mroe

Neptunalia Challenge SUP Race January 10th & 11th 2015

Oars & Paddles Park – Indian Harbor Beach, Florida, January 11, 2015, 9am.  Paddling Paradise in Melbourne, Florida will be hosting the Neptunalia Challenge in the

A6 Fins - Sixx Industries

The A6 fin aka Purple Pinky is designed to work with a wake surf skim board that runs 1/2” Futures Fin boxes.

Overnight SUP Adventure in Mexico! Aaron Koch

In my relentless search for places to escape the cold, I found Mexico!  A refuge from the polar vortexes of the U.S. and also a paddlers paradise. 

Syck Trix - Learn New Tricks in The Comfort of Your Living Room

You’ve played on balance boards to help your boarding skills but learning how to ollie, do shuvs, and flip tricks on a balance board isn’t ideal .  The Syck Trix practice kit brings balance and board skills together!

Boarder's Holiday Gift Guide

Special thanks to our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide supporters including:  Obrien, Surf Stow, Jacket Rack-it, Slingshot, IceMule Coolers and UE Boom.  Some great gifts for the holidays from some great brands.  

Wolfe Sisters Join Team Supra

Supra Boats sign up and coming wake surfers, the Wolfe Sisters, to the team.

Photo of the Week- "Boga-Baby-Beach"

Photo of the week with Boga Boards at Baby Beach with Jeramie Vaine and Dave Meyler

3 Reasons I Love my New Centurion with Madi Horta

Madi Horta is in love with her new Centurion FS33; here are her top 3 reasons why