PRAY - Ford Chupik

Ford Chupik just released a new edit properly named "PRAY" with a mix of aggressive riding and king of the jungle take downs.

OzFlow visit Melbourne

The OzFlow team visit Melbourne to showcase their talent on MSAC's Flowrider!

Chris Wolter Journey Through Parker, AZ

After the Supreme Wake Surf Champion was over Chris Wolter and other top riders weren't ready for the adventures to be over.

Knocking the Rust Off - Matthew Koch

The rain and weather have been good in Kentucky so Matthew Koch & Liz Block got out to enjoy a little soul surfing..

Maverik- Quenching the Thirst of Top Ranked Wake Surfers

The Maverik's Thirst Quencher FX44 has pulled some of the top ranked wake surfers in the world! Check out this awesome edit of 


Dan Gavere on the Starboard Astro Stream

Dan Gavere, whitewater SUP pioneer & founder of, has created the perfect river running and river surfing board for all skill levels- the Starboard Astro Stream.

MNWSC & 10k Lakes Sell Out in Record Time

Minnesota has been at the forefront of the wake surfing world for years -- from testing out some of the

YogaFit and Indo Board Launch Indo YogaFit Balance Board

YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide proudly announces its ongoing partnership with Indo Board, with the release of the revolutionary Indo YogaFit Balance Board.

Raleigh Hager signs with DAY1 Wake

April 7th, 2014, DAY1 Wake is very pleased to announce the addition of reigning 2-time Women’s World Champion Raleigh Hager to their 2014 Wakesurf Team. 

Zuzu: Into Something New

Renowned artist, photographer, graffiti artist, & adventurer Zuzu had never done a photo shoot like this before. 

Josh Mulcoy: One Foot Wonderland

World-renowned pro surfer Josh Mulcoy catches up with us after his recent cover shot on Surfer Magazine & the release of his new video The Cradle of Storms where he was chasing swells up in the very remote Aleutian Arc of Alaska.