2014 World Wake Surfing Championships - Body Glove

This years World Wake Surfing Championship brought the sports top athletes to Las Vegas, Nevada for the premiere wake surfing competition. 

2015 Payette River Games - SUP Teaser

After attending the 2014 Payette River games which was the largest cash purse in SUP, Kayaking, and River Surfing history we automatically put it on our list of must attend events for 2015!

#TBT Aaron Witherell Surfs Lake Powell

Flashback to Fall of 2013 on Lake Powell and Aaron Witherell showing off his board skills behind the boat just after taking 3rd place in the 2013 World Wake Surfing 

Surfing Indoors! Flow Boarding in 4K!

DevinSupertramp is no newbie to filming water sports. You've probably seen his awesome videos for

Surf & Style 2014 European Championship Stationary Surf

Surfers from around Europe come to the Munich Airport wave once a year to compete for

Wake Surfing Hits Global Media: Sean Cummings Featured in New iPhone 6 Commercial

Wake surfing Man of the Year and reigning #3 in the world Sean Cummings featured in new iPhone 6 commercial.  This is a big moment for wake surfing

Welcome To The Jungle | MasterCraft X23

This is the proving ground, where put up meets shut up. We’re surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, 2400 miles from the nearest continent.

2014 Battle of the Paddle: Starboard SUP

Great recap video of the ups and downs of the 2014 Battle of the Paddle

Desert Surf: A Ride to World Wake Surfing Championships 2014

Lake Powell is an absolutely stunning place to train for the World Wake Surf Championship in Las Vegas.

Bri Chmel, 7X Women's World Wake Surfing Champion

7X Women's World Wake Surfing Champion, Bri Chmel.

Boarder's Boost:  How To Get Air Wake Surfing?

For this project I approached three of the top wake surf athletes who have some of the biggest airs in the industry..

Rick Lee named Wake Surfing Innovator in Boating Industry’s 2014 Bold Moves

Talk about water sports these days, and it’s pretty much a given the conversation will turn to wake surfing. It’s the hot topic in the towboat category

Nautique Announces the Return of the U.S. Open of Water Skiing with Wake Surfing event

Boarders Magazine is proud to be the official sponsor of the first ever wake surf event at the U.S. Open of Water Skiing. 

2014 Battle of the Paddle - Salt Creek, CA

The 7th annual Battle of the Paddle took place last weekend on October 4 & 5 at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, California. 

2014 World Wake Surfing Championship - Photos

The desert in Las Vegas was nothing less than scorching hot for the 2014 World Wake Surf Championship. The event was held at the beautiful Hilton Lake Las Vegas.

SUP and Kayak Huasteca Waterfalls

Kayak Huasteca pronounced (wa-steak-a)   is the first kayak school in the Huasteca Region of Mexico.

Interview with Shane Perrin After Setting New SUP World Record

Shane Perrin attempted the World Record for longest paddle in 24 hours, a record which he himself set earlier this year in May. He fell short of his goal of 100 miles

SUP down South:  G-Bay's Island Paddle

Inland SUP racing hit a high this year with several big events, new racers and SUP enthusiasts getting on board from all over.

Beyond Flatwater:  A SUP Journey

Today is different than others.  It is the day after returning from a trip to California and the lake is calling my name.

Day 1 of the World Wake Surf Championship

The competition is heating up after the first day of the World Wake Surf Champion on Lake Las Vegas.