Phase 5 Episode One "Night Rider"

pisode One of this years โ€˜Phase 5 Presentsโ€™ video series brings you some fun night riding.

Ladies First ATX WakeSurf Open

Another great Ryan Light video edit with the Ladies of Surf Ashley Kidd and Raleigh Hager on Lake Austin as they prepare for the upcoming and very first women's only wake surf contest- Ladies First ATX Wakesurf Open

YOLO Boards 4 Reasons to Try SUP

YOLO Board founder Jeff Archer talks about the momentum and the adventure and the beauty of stand up paddle boarding or as they call it in Florida- YOLO-ing.

Chris Wolter - Zombie Surf Company - Supreme V226

Pro wake surfer Chris Wolter showing you why he shows up on podiums all around the world. 

Phase Five's "The Teaser"

According to Phase 5, "Wakesurfing has seen rapid growth over the years, and the Phase 5 team has been growing along with it. This years video shoot marked the largest organized effort to date.  2015 brings even more talent to the team, across all rider levels. Needless to say, Phase 5 is proud of where we are today."

Sean Silveira Testing Out New 2015 Dual and Quad Channel Outlaw Flowboards

FlowRiderShop Team Rider & 5x World Flowboard Champion, Sean Silveira hit the FlowRider at Wave House San Diego to test out some new 2015 Dual

Dip Into Dunes | Hari Mari Video

Hari Mari, the fastest growing Texas flip flop brand known for its premium leather sandals, is kicking off the Spring/Summer 2015 season with the launch of its first all-rubber, water-friendly offering, called 'Dunes.'

2015 Inland Surfer Keenan Pro Surf - Boarders Mag Exclusive

Introducing the 2015 Inland Surfer Keenan Surf Pro.

Winter River Surfing in Munich

The famous Eisbach river and some cold winter -50 degree surf sessions thanks to a great short by James Kamo

2015 Infinity SUP Racers- Blackfish ST

New from Infinity SUP is probably there fastest all-around racing board yet, the Blackfish ST.  Shaped by Dave Boehne and raced by team rider Slater Trout who won the sprints at the Payette River Games on this bad boy and placed top 10 in the Battle of the Paddle.

Mastercraft Unveils the NXT22

Mastercraft unveils the all new NXT22, the new entry level category cross-over delivering more power and options on the water

"Why I Board" with European Wakeboard Champ Carro Djupsjo

European wakeboard champ Caroline Djupsjo talks about her time on the water in the States and why she loves to be on board

YOLO Boards Top 4 Reasons to try Stand up Paddle Boarding

Yolo Board and founder Jeff Archer invites everyone and anyone to try stand up paddle boarding and here are 4 reasons why

PaddleFit Announces Partnership with Dave Kalama

Legendary big wave surfer and SUP pioneer, Dave Kalama, teams up with PaddleFit to continue the expansion of the premier Coaching Certification Program for paddle boarding

SUP Glow with Nocqua and Torch Paddles

SUP Glow adventures with Nocqua and Torch Paddles- two essential SUP Glow gear that will light up your night.

Chasing A Title | The 2015 FLOW Tour is Just Around the Corner

Find out all the dates and locations of the 2015 FLOW Tour.

2015 World Wake Surfing Championship

2015 dates announced and new location venue for this years World Wake Surfing Championship now back in Parker, Arizona

3 Frozen Paddling Tips with Brian Meyer of Capital SUP

Frozen paddling and breaking the ice with Brian Meyer of Capital SUP in Maryland and 3 frozen paddling tips for first time frozen paddlers

Fight to SOAR - Upcoming SUP Expedition - Buffalo National River

 started the project Fight to SOAR (Save Our American Rivers) to help raise awareness for our Nations Rivers.  This week we will embarking on a 150 mile self supported SUP Expedition

SUP Polo:  The Future of SUP Fun?

The new and exciting sport of SUP Polo, is this the future of SUP fun?  Starboard introduces us to all of the action with specialized water-field and a new multi-directional board

Product Review: Optrix PhotoProX - Turn Your iPhone into an Action Sports Waterproof Camera!

Standing apart from the rest, the Optrix PhotoPro X is not your typical everyday use type of phone case.  This specialized adventure case is capable of withstanding water pressure at a depth of 33 feet

GoSurf Accessories Celebrates the 2015 New Year with a Successful Launch

San Diego, CA-  We are proud to announce the launch of our brand and our first featured product, The Mouthpiece Mount. 

2015 World Series of Wake Surfing

2015 World Wake Surfing Championship event dates and details announced

Product Review: UE MEGABOOM - Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

What can be said about the UE BOOM or UE MEGABOOM to be more specific?... well first I should say I'm actually using it right now to dictate this review through the built-in microphone -- so cool! 

Centurion Boat Guide Available on App Store

Check out the new Centurion Boat Guide App which is now available on the iTunes App store