2015 Inland Surfer Keenan Pro Surf - Boarders Mag Exclusive

Introducing the 2015 Inland Surfer Keenan Surf Pro.

Winter River Surfing in Munich

The famous Eisbach river and some cold winter -50 degree surf sessions thanks to a great short by James Kamo

2015 Infinity SUP Racers- Blackfish ST

New from Infinity SUP is probably there fastest all-around racing board yet, the Blackfish ST.  Shaped by Dave Boehne and raced by team rider Slater Trout who won the sprints at the Payette River Games on this bad boy and placed top 10 in the Battle of the Paddle.

Winter Wake Surfing - Feat. Inland Surfer & GlideSoul team riders Caro Villeneuve & Zoey Shields

Winter Wake Surfing featuring Zoey Shields & Caro Villeneuve on Lake Anna in Virginia during December when it was 38 degrees out! 

SUP Wake Surfing with the Riviera Crew

Great SUP wake surfing session with the Riviera crew in Laguna.  No waves?  No problem.  Just gonna grab the Riviera Gunship boat to displace some nice knee-waist high wake rollers to enjoy some surf behind.

White Salmon Whitewater with Dan Gavere

Whitewater Stand Up Paddling with Dan Gavere and friends on the Middle White Salmon, WA. 4.25 ft Starboard Astro Boards. Advanced SUP Whitewater run in Washington for experienced paddlers only.

Hanohano Huki

The annual Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge is one of the biggest flatwater sup races in the world with nearly 400 paddlers traveling from as far as Michigan to participate.

Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable 11' SUP Board & High Pressure Valve

High Pressure Valve allowing you to pump your inflatable board with an air compressor. 

Iceberg Paddle on Lake Michigan

Winter time paddle boarding on Lake Michigan amongst icebergs?!  Well how else would you get around?  A great short from Seth Haley and some fly by footage with his gopro.

River Surfing in Oregon with Elijah Mack & Kevin Ludwig

"I made this video to celebrate my close friend Kevin Ludwig and the amazing spirit he puts into river surfing. 

Product Review: UE MEGABOOM - Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

What can be said about the UE BOOM or UE MEGABOOM to be more specific?... well first I should say I'm actually using it right now to dictate this review through the built-in microphone -- so cool! 

Centurion Boat Guide Available on App Store

Check out the new Centurion Boat Guide App which is now available on the iTunes App store

W.E.S.T. Ground Hog Surf Sesh

What do you get when you combine world class, cutting edge WakeSurf Boats, artisan crafted WakeSurf Boards, a phenomenal group of  passionate riders, and one of Northern California's warmest February Days?

Supra Boats Pro WakeSurf Tour

New Supra Boats Pro Wake Surf Tour announced, 3 stops, $30,000 purse

Catching up with Vanessa Vincent

So what does pro wakesurfer Vanessa Vincent do in the offseason?  

15 Year Old Wake Surfer Hunter Sims Sets a Record to Raise Funds for Orphanage

After months of planning, Hunter Sims the premier wake surf team rider for O’Brien Watersports, set a record for the most consecutive 180 degree’ “Shuv-It’s,” 

Nicaragua Yoga & Surf Retreat! With International Yoga Teach: Lindsay Gonzalez

Boardworks Team athlete and international yoga teacher, Lindsay Gonzalez is excited to be leading a retreat in Nicaragua March 7-14. 

Wake Surf Tricks:  Best of 2014-2015

Top 6 wake surfing tricks of the 2014-2015 season. The progression of wakesurfing at its best in the last year and athletes like Johnny Stieg, Ashley Kidd, Dominic Lagace, Parker Payne, Keenan Flegal and Zoltan Torkos

Hari Mari Sandals:  Introducing the Aqua-Friendly Dunes Line

Hari Mari sandals introduces its new dunes line for water lovers, surfers and paddlers.  Its first water-friendly focused collection of sandals is a promising move for the fast growing Texas based flip flop company

100 Wakesurf Shove Its in a row, can it be done? For Charity..

Hunter Sims found a creative way to turn his favorite charity Small Steps for Compassion into a fun competition with himself to do Small Shoves for Compassion. Hunter will attempt to land 80 to 100 consecutive 180 Shove

Surfin' Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLV, the Surfin' Super Bowl, was filled with surfing images and videos from Kelly Slater's roaring moment in the Verizon commercial to Katy Perry's halftime show.

Fight to Save Our American River (SOAR) - Apalachicola River Expedition

This was the last expedition of 2014 for Gray Outdoors and the Fight to SOAR (Save Our American Rivers) project and would also be the first expedition where I would open it up for other paddlers to join in on the whole trip.

Board of Winter- Top 3 Activities for Boarders in the Off-Season

Board of winter?  Here are the top 3 things to do to stay on board in the off-season

2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed Inflatable | Board Review

When you think of kiteboarding and wakeboarding, Slingshot Sports jumps in your mind as one of the leading manufacturers. Based in Hood River, Oregon a mecca for watersports enthusiast