Tige 2015 Action Reel

The 2015 Tigé Boats line up has been released! This awesome action reels showing you what's possible behind the new lineup

Chattooga Class III-IV Rapids SUP Descent

Pro whitewater paddle board staff from the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC and Riverside Outfitters in Richmond, VA got together last week to take boards 

Insane "SUP South Silver" SUP River Hucking

Could anyone honestly stay on a paddle board here?  This is not snowboard hucking into powder, this is narlier.  Please do not try this at home.  

Tommy Czeschin and his Super Air Nautique G21

Northern California native Tommy Czeschin has a list of professions on his resume. Professional snowboarder, USA Olympian, current USA Olympic Snowboard Team coach

Dan Gavere- 2015 Starboard Astro Stream- White Salmon River

Awesome white water SUP footage with Dan Gavere on his Starboard Astro Stream on the White Salmon River near his house in Oregon.  

Winter River Surfing

Check out Sky Tower Films new "Winter River Surfing" video.  A little snow outside and sub cold temps is not going to stop the Boise River surfing community.

Chattajack 2014 Endurance Paddle

The premier inland endurance paddle, deep in the heart of Tennessee at the annual Chattajack and one of the best edited paddle events to date thanks to Charles Coleman.

2 Bucks a Board

Donate just 2 Bucks a Board and find out more about this great non-profit campaign for all types of boarders, wake to surf to snow

The Endless Wave- Eisbach River Surfing Documentary

Special thanks to Finian Pye Vogel for a great short film documentary of river surfing at the heart of it all in Munich on the Eisbach River.  The documentary looks into the rapid growth and popularity of river surfing and lifestyle in Munich and it has been awarded Runner up at the Hamburg Surf Film Festival.  

Air Surfing in NYC

A very creative independent film project thanks to Raul X Mihai portraying the sensation of flying, or air surfing, on various locations throughout NYC

A6 Fins - Sixx Industries

The A6 fin aka Purple Pinky is designed to work with a wake surf skim board that runs 1/2” Futures Fin boxes.

Overnight SUP Adventure in Mexico! Aaron Koch

In my relentless search for places to escape the cold, I found Mexico!  A refuge from the polar vortexes of the U.S. and also a paddlers paradise. 

Syck Trix - Learn New Tricks in The Comfort of Your Living Room

You’ve played on balance boards to help your boarding skills but learning how to ollie, do shuvs, and flip tricks on a balance board isn’t ideal .  The Syck Trix practice kit brings balance and board skills together!

Boarder's Holiday Gift Guide

Special thanks to our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide supporters including:  Obrien, Surf Stow, Jacket Rack-it, Slingshot, IceMule Coolers and UE Boom.  Some great gifts for the holidays from some great brands.  

Wolfe Sisters Join Team Supra

Supra Boats sign up and coming wake surfers, the Wolfe Sisters, to the team.

Photo of the Week- "Boga-Baby-Beach"

Photo of the week with Boga Boards at Baby Beach with Jeramie Vaine and Dave Meyler

3 Reasons I Love my New Centurion with Madi Horta

Madi Horta is in love with her new Centurion FS33; here are her top 3 reasons why

Let there Be Light

Let there Be Light in the December Lights Issue, Boarders Mag Issue # 7, featuring board and boat lights and a holiday gift guide.  Here is a sneak peek at the Lights Buyer's Guide featuring Nocqua, Torch Paddles, Wet Sounds, Surf Stow and Centurion Boat's Downfire Marine Audio

What The GoPro Hero 4 Can Not Do

GoPro Hero 4 is above and beyond the most exciting evolution for the history of GoPro, 2X the performance and now featuring 4K.

Bio-Rubber YULEX Wetsuits?  Patagonia Cleaning Up the Wetsuit Industry

As surfers, both inland and in the ocean, we have a obligation to nature to be environmentally friendly.  Being conscious of the products we use is a big deal. 

XSUP SAC - Group Paddling Fun

The XSUP SAC is a creative piece of equipment used to improve a user’s skill set while Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Originally the XSUP SAC was designed as a coaching tool 

Caro Villeneuve - Lake Powell Photos

The week before the World Wake Surf Championship, Caro Villeneuve and other pro riders made their way out to beautiful Lake Powell. 

Wake Surfing:  Mark Payne's Best of 2014

In the upcoming December issue, wake surf enthusiast and photographer Mark Payne takes a look back on the 2014 competitive wake surf season and highlights some of his favorite moments.  Be sure and grab a copy of the upcoming issue and see all of Mark's best pics of 2014.  

5 Ways to Improve your River Paddling with Mike T

Step 1, build your paddling skills background, step 2, pick the right equipment

Top 5 Wake Surfing Videos of all Time

Found out which videos made the list for the top 5 wake surfing videos of all time