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Tyler's Dam that Cancer

What a great story for the lake world. TYLER'S Dam That Cancer: 4 months of fundraising and 1 day of paddling and over $800,000 raised

Mastercraft Reveals the X24

Bigger and better the Mastercraft X-24 is the “New Soul of Surf”

The Endless Wave// A Surfer's Journey From Ocean Break to River Wave featuring Jack Christiansen

The Endless Wave// A Surfer’s Journey from Ocean Break to River Wave featuring Jack Christiansen, from California to Montana’s rivers

"Surfing Goes Inland" - Kelly Slater Talks Surf Ranch on CNBC

Kelly Slater featured in CNBC- the future of surfing, surfing going inland and creating the perfect wave at Slater’s Surf Ranch

Parker Payne Joins Phase 5

Pro wakesurfer Parker Payne joins Phase 5 decorated Wakesurf Team 

"Almost Somewhere" - Expedition SUP Nicaragua Video Trailer

After 17 hours of backbreaking dirt roads, getting booted out on the side of the road by a frustrated van driver, multiple hitchhiking stints, sketchy lawless towns, a rickety ferry.....

Floating Shoal Tent by SmithFly
Chloe Kim's Gold Medal Snowboarding Run

Snowboarding phenom Chloe Kim wins Gold for Team USA, women's snowboarding halfpipe

Destination New Zealand:  A Paddleboard Journey with Paul Clark and Conal Hearps

Paddle Destination New Zealand with Paul Clark and Conal Hearps

Spanish Surf Team at Wavegarden

Spanish surf team killing it at Wavegarden testing facility

5 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Surfing with Someone You Love

5 reasons why you should enjoy wakesurfing with someone you love featuring Shelby Filbeck

"Respect the Roots" - Malibu Boats to Back Local Grassroots Surf Contests

Malibu Boats to support local grassroots wakesurfing contests like 10K Lakes and Surf the Lake

Sticky Bumps-  A Brief History Of

Sticky Bumps surf wax since 1970s is still holding strong today and, as a brand that is true to their roots, they have re-introduced Zombie Bob on their labels

Is the BSR Surf Resort aka the "Waco Wave" the Ultimate Surf Park?

Surf Park technology just hit the sweet spot courtesy of the PerfectSwell system at BSR (Barefoot Ski Ranch) in Waco, TX. At first there was Wavegarden, then NLand, then Kelly’s Pro Surf Contest and now the BSR Surf Resort

Beautiful Transitions – 10 Destination Skateparks

For a skateboarder, sometimes a sea of concrete is pure heaven. But what happens when you set a skatepark down in the middle of heaven itself? The transitions you skate give way to a beautiful destination that inspires the soul. Here are 10 parks you’ll want to surf with your skateboard.

  Fiona Wylde in the Carolina Cup Spotlight    

Fiona Wylde is ready to take on the 2018 Carolina Cup, one of the premier sup races in the world

Malibu Boats Featured on Fox News Boat Show Segment

It's boat show season!  2018 looking to be another record breaking year as boat sales boost for 6th straight year.  Fox News live on the scene with interviews with Discover Boating who talks about surfing behind the Malibu Wakesetter.  Doomswell Board Co also saw some action courtesy of EC Flightcraft pro shop.  


Stand Up Paddle on the Cover of Vogue Magazine

Standup on the cover of latest issue from Vogue Magazine

Acro Yoga with Tash Fit

SUP Yoga "Acro Yoga" and advanced poses with Tasha Hermann aka Tash Fit

Surfing In The Mountains of Canada

You can surf in the mountains in the middle of winter.... 

How to Set-up and Weight Your Boat for Wakesurfing

In this segment, we will discuss the basics of surf wake setups – wake creation, ballasting, speed, and adjustments.

Surf's Up New Hampshire - 5 Reason You Need To Go!

What are the Top 5 Reasons to go to Surf's Up New Hampshire? Find out here. 

Boga FitMat vs. Glide FitFloat

The aquatic fitness and yoga revolution is upon us and two SUP companies are leading the charge- Boga and Glide with their Boga FitMat and Glide FitFloats.  So what is the difference between the two mats and which one should you purchase for your aquatic center?

Remembering Florida's Last Beach Bums- The "ZZ Top Guys"

Florida's last beach bums, Dana and George Brown will forever be remembered in Florida circles and beyond.  4 days ago, Dana Brown passed away doing what he loved most- surfing.