GoSurf Assist

Go Surf Assist is paving the way in the wake surfing industry with their (patent pending) double layer hydro-thruster technology, producing the hardest pushing waves and a truly evenly weighted boat.  GSA allows the rider to have the best possible wave on both sides with the touch of a button with no need to swap ballast and NO MORE LISTING THE BOAT. 

The GSA control system uses software that allows the rider to fine tune his wave and get the same results every time you go to the lake.  User interface is very simple with a very small learning curve so you can spend more time carving your new wave.  

Surfing with GSA will change your opinion of surf systems.  Originally surf systems were designed to make changing sides convenient, but GSA had a whole different vision. While striving to produce the best wave that has ever been ridden behind a boat, they created a surf system that continues to blow customers away.  

Please check out www.gosurfassist.com.  Don’t just take our word for it, research GSA and you will find nothing but satisfied customers blown away with their new surf wave.

Order yours now at www.wakemakers.com.   MSRP: $3999.99