2015 YOLO ORANGE CRUSH RACE 12'6" X 27 1/2"

T/R stands for Touring and Race. This is the ultimate long distance paddling, fitness and weekend warrior racing machine. With semi plumb bow, low continuous rocker, low sharp tail rail, fine entry and quiet exit, this board has a low profile vertical rail throughout with an average thickness of 6”. The bottom rail edge maintains a low tucked rail to a hard edge at the tail and features a flat deck area for wider stance. The deck enhances floatation and stiffness blending into the deck area at the rear for carving your turn around a buoy. Constructed with YOLO Board’s Full Carbon Fiber Technology, the T/R includes a LIFTSUP retractable carry handle, traction pad, back leash grommets, a Gorex self-breathing valve, and a carbon fiber feather weight performance fin. Rider Limit of 25.5" is 240 lbs.

Available Sizes:

12'6 X 25.5.  Volume:  264 Liters.  Board Weight:  23 lbs.

12'6 X 27.5.  Volume 283.3 Liters.  Board Weight:  23 lbs.

14' X 25.5.  Volume 288.4 Liters.  Board Weight:  28 lbs.

14' X 27.5.  Volume 309.6 Liters.  Board Weight:  28 lbs.