Discover a first-of-its-kind SUP product that will enable you to radically ramp up your fun on the water!   Paddle Polo enables paddlers to play games on your SUP like catch, toss, or target practice.  Paddle Polo sticks easily attaches to any SUP or canoe paddle and provides you with countless hours of fun and training, by yourself or with your family or team.  It is very similar to playing lacrosse on water!  Paddle Polo sticks helps build your business and community.  They are great fun for camps, SUP & LAX skills training, water team sports and help increase SUP rentals and sales.   Send us pics of your favorite new SUP game at  The only limit is your imagination! 

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2 Paddle Polo Sticks with Floating Ball: $59.95


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Check out how much fun you can have with Paddle Polo in the video below: