Evolve Skateboards: Carbon Series All-Terrain

This board extends your carve-sessions to paths, trails and roads unknown with its 8” All-Terrain tires. The Carbon Series packs a serious punch with unrivaled range, different wheel options and a real carbon fiber deck.


  •  Max Speed: 22 mph 
  • Range: 16 miles with 2 hour recharge time 
  • Versatility: In just minutes, you can switch over seamlessly to our ‘Street Wheels’ to add up to 10 miles on your range and get a more traditional skateboard feel. 
  • Uphill Ability: 15% Grade
  • Weight: 23 lbs. (18lbs with Street Wheels)
  • Remote: An ergonomic hand held remote design with speed control, reverse function and battery indicator.
  • Deck:  Real carbon fiber and kevlar.  It’s a unique design allowing our electrics to be incased within the deck.  It’s strong yet light.  Deck length: 43 inches/111 cm. Wheel base: 32.5 inches/82.5 cm 
  • Trucks: Evolve’s Double Axel ‘Super Carve’ trucks. These trucks are designed for those who love to carve while still having a responsive feel.
  • Regenerative Breaking: Allowing you to break confidently while efficiently adding energy back into your battery.
  •  Wheels:  8” MBS All Terrain Tires. Street Wheel option is also available.

For the Carbon series and more visit www.evolveskateboardsusa.com